Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy

Energy is becoming a major cost factor in private, as well as commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors. Having your own energy production can result in significant cost savings (you will notice the result in your wallet with every sunbeam). Due to the production of your own power, statutorily guaranteed feed-in tariffs, as well as reliable yield forecasts, today’s investment will surely pay off. All around Bremen, we transform your roof with solar energy into effective money savers. In 6 steps and you will know it all ...

1. What is Photovoltaic?

This technology converts sunlight into electricity. Each solar cells turns into its own little power plant. The sun rays shine on a silicon wafers and generate electricity through the exchange of electrical charges. To make this energy useable, it runs through an inverter and gets converted from DC to AC power. All details about solar power can be found here.

2. What services we can provide to you?

  • Advice and planning through our engineers
  • System simulation and forecasts
  • Cost Analysis
  • Financial Concepts
  • Preparation of installation- and construction-drawings
  • Coordination with utilities and government agencies
  • Development of feed-in contracts
  • Manufacturer-independent delivery of all brands
  • Professional installation by trained installation teams
  • Maintenance and repair

3. How you can save with solar?

The Renewable Energy Act guarantees the operator of a solar power plant a fixed compensation for the next 20 years per kilowatt-hour of electricity fed into the power grid. This credit can be obtained for all the electricity not use for your own purposes. Every kilowatt-hour that you use for your own consumption saves you from buying expensive energy from your energy supplier, and makes your independent of rising electricity prices. In mixed calculations, you pay (including initial purchasing cost and financing) for 20 years, only around 15 cents per kilowatt-hour.

4. How does a photovoltaic investment will in practice?

For this purpose we introduce you to a model calculation for a larger facility. It should be noted, however, that each solar array has its own characteristics and the yield is dependant on several factors. A more accurate earning forecast can be made with detailed knowledge of the orientation setting through a site visit. The sample calculation is therefore based on empirical values and remains very realistic, but is not binding.

5. What characterizes Meyer Technik?

  • Since 1999, we have extensive expertise in the field of photovoltaics and have installed far more than 15,000 kWp.
  • We use modules from renowned manufacturers, such as solar-bp, Shell Solar, Schott Solar, Panasonic, Conergy, Suntech, Kaneka, Evergreen, and SolarWorld. We work with inverters from SMA, Fronius and Danfoss.
  • More than 1,500 customers have rated us as excellent and recommend us. This is because of our high quality standards and our continuous training on cutting edge technology.
  • In addition, we are a certified installer for Fronius inverters and a SolarWorld partner.
  • We provide comprehensive information about the topic of solar energy and are a reliable partner for your solar project.

What should be your next step?

Many buildings have very good conditions for the installation of a profitable photovoltaic system. Some owners just do not realize it. If you went this far to inform yourself about benefits of photovoltaics, the favorable financing and investment security you should take the next step.

We are happy to advise you and help you figure out what the best system solution would be for your specific case. You can begin immediately. A call to the above number, an e-mail or a fax will suffice. Here you can reach our specialists for photovoltaics / solar power and other renewable energies in Ganderkesee. We look forward to talking to you.

You already have a photovoltaic system?