Software Development

Application Programs

We utilize our expertise in the field of high-level language programming also for the development of application programs in the industrial and commercial environment.

We recently completed the development of an online maintenance tool in cooperation with the company Hilti. To simplify the documentation for buildings that require maintenance in the area of building fire protection, we have been able to capture all maintenance-related fire protection elements of buildings in one software package with the capacity to display them visually. All relevant monitoring data will be entered into electronic floor plans, and are therefore always available and centrally accessible. All data can then be automatically checked and updated. Maintenance schedule will therefore no longer be neglected and all the data is always up to date from the database. Other documentation, such as manuals and maintenance plans are readily available. The use of mobile PDA-devices for monitoring is supported by RFID and can, for example, be combined with inventory management programs. This way the fire safety inspection of entire production facilities are organized clearly, comfortably and quickly.

Visualization and Guidance Systems

Programming of different visualization systems from the operator panel display systems to PC-based networked systems. Please see a detailed project report of a substation modernization at Dallmayr ...more

Control Programs

Programming of complex programmable logic control systems. Please see a detailed project report of an automation modernization at Ronal ...more