Social Comittment

We are active for the society of today and tomorrow

For more Training Positions

The Harald Meyer Brandschutz-Elektro GmbH & Co KG (Electrical Fire Protection Engineering LLC) is a member of the Zukunftswerkstatt Ausbildungsplatzinitiative e.V. (Workshop for future training programs). This organization supports young adults with their professional choices, prepares school graduates and helps them finding a training position.

For women in business

In addition, Harald Meyer Brandschutz-Elektro GmbH & Co. KG is a supporting member of the association for women and business. The aim of the association is the professional advancement of women in the region and to improve their chances on the labor market through vocational training. The company supports this through a variety of panel discussions, for example on child care. Through this commitment, some women have also found a new job in the company.

For Mid-Size Local Businesses

Similarly, Harald Meyer Brandschutz-Elektro GmbH & Co. KG is a supporting member of the Working Group for Economic Development Agency of medium-sized enterprises in the district of Oldenburg (WLO). Beyond the mere membership, the Board works closely with the WLO together on a project that is establishing a network to promote close cooperation of companies within the community. In addition, the company works closely with the community Ganderkesee. A maximum of cooperation and mutual support is practiced on the level of local politics and economics .

For the energy transition

The Harald Meyer Fire-Protection-Electric GmbH & Co. KG is a member of Oldenburg energy cluster (OLEC). Through this membership, it is involved in initiatives to advance the transitions in the energy sector.

Knowledge is the key resource to ensure innovation and economic growth. Within OLEC the partners are cooperating in all areas of the energy industry in the Northwest. Since the organization was founded in 2005, a steadily growing number of initiatives congregate at OLEC from all the key energy regions in Germany. With approximately 50 members, it is the largest energy network in Lower Saxony and was inaugurated by the former Mayor of Oldenburg and current President of the Association of Renewable Energy, Dietmar Schütz. Since 2007 OLEC is a non-profit organization. The network gathers the expertise of its members systematically and makes it available and brings it to use for all of them in many ways. This creates synergies for an entire region. Because of his competencies, the network sees itself as the organ for the energy industry in the region and beyond.

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For Sports

In the area of local sport sponsorship, Harald Meyer Brandschutz GmbH & Co. KG served as one of the main sponsors of the German Fist Ball Cup.

For the Region

In the field of local politics, Harald Meyer was a member of the District Council of the municipality in Oldenburg and Dötlingen from 1986 to 2001. He was Honorary Mayor of Dötlingen. Harald Meyer is co-founder and Chairman of the Arts and Culture Foundation and the Supervisory Board of Dötlingen Marketing Club Weser-Ems. He supported the Kindergarten parents and children Aschenstedt.  He is a board member of the Guild of Craftsmen for the county Delmenhorst / Oldenburg. Within the Rotary Club, Harald Meyer is involved in RYLA seminars for young people, where they can test their talent for future leadership roles.