Removal of Hazardous Materials

Whether remediation of asbestos, mold, PCBs, PAHs, formaldehyde, PCP, lindane or KMF: Since the 1990s, we offer proper removal of hazardous materials and disposal of contaminated materials. We are an approved business in accordance with the provisions of § 39 para 1 of the Hazardous Substances Ordinance.

The removal of hazardous materials requires experience and specific expertise. The elimination of damage is always preceded by a thorough analysis and damage assessment, so that not only the symptoms but also the causes of the damage can be detected and corrected, in order to achieve long-term pollutant removal.

Meyer Technik ensures continuous professional qualifications and a high quality standard through membership in the Northern German Association for Quality assurance for Redevelopment and Decontamination of Buildings and Real Estate.

As the executive business we offer:

  • Mould Remediation
  • Fire damage removal
  • Asbestos Decontamination
  • Removal of other buildings pollutants: PCBs, PCP, and lindane