IT / Network Engineering

There are many suppliers of software and hardware - but we do not just offer individual products, but solutions. We are planning, installing or optimizing for you. We monitor your computer system and offer introductions and continuous training for your staff. Take advantage of a true full service and our years of experience. We provide support for many business issues, from security systems to optimize your IT operations to the backup systems. We deliver the right solution - not only in the introductory phase, but when you really need us: During your work time.


We take care off the integration of your various systems, such as your servers, PCs, printers, copiers, telephone systems or even production equipment. We offer the complete installation and maintenance of your network.

IT security

Your IT system has to be protected from outside attacks (viruses, Trojan horse , wiretapping, etc.) and inside (sabotage, data theft, data abuse, etc.). At the same time, system and operating security (to protect from system failure, power failure, data loss) are essential. We ensure the security of your network and all data. We can install and perform suitable protection, control and safety measures - so you feel safe and are protected in the best possible way.

IT Procurement

As part of project solutions, we take care of your business or private infrastructure and the procurement, installation and commissioning of hardware and software (servers, PCs, ...). In conjunction with the manufacturers, we perform service and repair of components supplied by us.

Design and Project Management

Inventory, target design, supply, commissioning, implementation and ongoing support throughout the life cycle are the essential components of an IT investment. We can take over the complete project management and implementation responsibilities. In addition, we coordinate, if necessary, the project integration with other suppliers. Using structured process will ensure a targeted, high-quality process of the project life-cycle, in which your employees are fully integrated. The documentation of the completed project work is included, of course. In addition the documentation provides support for your successfully completed projects and the long-term benefits to your IT investment.